Whole Value Chain

Standards and Recommendations

Whole Value Chain

Global PSSL strengthens the whole securities lending value chain so that stakeholders can add value to the joint sustainable finance efforts. Inevitably, this work helps broaden the pool of stakeholders who gain interest in securities lending and, in turn, increases transparency in the whole value chain.

We started defining the whole value chain through a workstream on “Global Engagement, Governance and Stewardship” as well as our dialogue with regulators such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The relevant publications are available below:

Key publication:

Preparing securities lending for a sustainable world.

Draft recommendations for a stronger, more engaging and more
transparent value chain.

20 July 2021

Supporting publications:

Memorandum from the SEC Division of Trading and Markets regarding a March 3, 2022 teleconference with representatives of Global PSSL

10 March 2022

Towards enhanced governance for transparent and sustainable global securities lending.

1 November 2022

Progress reports:

Progress report 5/2020  – Global PSSL CEO governance decision on workstreams. Strategic appointment.

2 November 2020

Progress report 2/2020  – Global PSSL established as a community interest company

14 October 2020