Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Radek Stech (PhD) is the Founder and CEO of Global PSSL and the Founder of the Sustainable Finance, the Law and Stakeholders (SFLS) Network and a senior academic at the University of Exeter Law School. He has more than 15 years of solid research, consultancy and advisory experience in sustainable finance, banking and environmental law. Through his various research projects, Radek has collaborated with PGGM, the US Chamber of Commerce, the World Bank, the Welsh Government, WWF UK and many leading international law firms. He has held fellowships at George Washington University Law School, the World Bank Group, and the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). He is a member of The Bretton Woods Committee. Radek led asset and beneficial owners (such as BlackRock, NEST Corporation and PGGM) towards a principle-based approach to sustainable securities lending. In 2020, he founded the Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending (Global PSSL) community interest company that takes this work to a new level. He is convinced that sustainable securities lending and borrowing will play an essential role in the success of the Global Sustainable Finance Market. Radek co-founded the International Securities Lending Association Council for Sustainable Finance (ICSF). Despite the recent social and economic turbulence, Dr Stech has grown ICSF membership and forged strong partnerships around the world.

Our Team

Ela Slota

Global PSSL Secretary and Executive Assistant

Darryl Wilkins

Senior Project Support Advisor

Wiktor Liszkiewicz

IT Specialist