Global PSSL observers

The current observers are:
The Financial Conduct Authority

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

The Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE)

The current media observers are:
Capital Monitor (represented by Asset Management Editor Vibeka Mair)

Securities Finance Times (represented by Managing Director Justin Lawson)

Observers – regulators, international organisation, think tanks


Terms of reference

The Global PSSL Community Interest Company (CIC) is keen to demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability through a permanent position for observers.

Representatives of relevant international organisations, NGOs, think tanks and regulators (in personal or organisational capacity) can become observers. The observer’s position is negotiated directly with The Global PSSL CEO.

Observers can attend certain meetings and have the opportunity to speak with the Global PSSL CEO when required.

An organisation can cease to be an observer by contacting the CIC.

Observers can become more active participants in workstreams run by the CIC.


Media Observers

Terms of reference

Media observers constitute a distinct category to accommodate agents of the free media.

Media observers benefit from a more regular contact with the CIC and may be invited to attend certain meetings, with permission of all participants.

In return for this level of access, the CIC requests that Media Observers commit to the impartial reporting of facts and demonstrate a mature observation of ethical journalism.

Organisations are named as Observers or Media Observers on the Global PSSL website.